July 2017: "sugar for documenta 14" - an unauthorized contribution

"sugar for documenta 14" Did you know that a sugar cube has the weight of 3 gram? For my first import we are bringing 1,5 tons of sugar to Kassel: One sugar cube for each of the first 500.000 visitors. I seriously find the documenta 14 too soft and too sweet, thus we import for every visitor of the documenta a sugar cube from Greece and distribute them on the documenta grounds. Please feel free to make this viral and bring your own sugar along.


June 2017: The friends of Ray Zagrow donated "Gantenbein" to the Museum of Modern Art in NY

I am deeply humbled by and very thankful for the enthusiasm of the friends of Ray Zagrow and wish to also thank the board of curators of the MOMA.

May 2017: A fatherly friend has departed

The very sad news of the death of a fatherly friend has reached me today.  He has been a spiritual mentor and honestly caring advisor. I will miss him. 


April 2017: Record sales at ART Cologne

The 2017 ART Cologne has yet again shown some record prices achieved for my works. Although I am slightly dazzled by the market development and disappointed about the fact that this money does not reach the artist but will go to trading collectors, I feel humbled by the money people are willing to pay for my work. 

June 2016:  The firends of Ray Zagrow donated to "Radfahrer" the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Santiago de Chile

The friends of Ray Zagrow have re-purchased one of the paintings of my very first public exhibition in Santiago de chile in 1991 and donated it to the Museo der Arte Contemporáneo in Santiago de Chile.  You are so wonderful my friends!  Thanks a lot.


July 2015:  Ray Zagrow at permanent display in the German Ministery of Defense

Staatssekretärin Dr. Katrin Suder has chosen to decorate her office with my art work.  I feel honoured and humbled to find my work at permanent display in the minsitry of defense.  

June 2014: Honoured by the nation

I feel very much humbled to be honoured by our nation. I assume I have recieved this honour for my art work. I am not sure, though. I have not felt as confused in a long time. 

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