Welcome to the site of Ray Zagrow. This page is a public notebook that  attempts to povide an overview of my work. It isn't complete yet. I will try to complete the overview over time. However, if you like what you see and perhaps would like to own one of my works, please feel free to get in touch. You can reach me via the following E-Mail: contact@ray-zagrow.com.    

For the past 35 years painting has been a significant part of my life.  When I was 21 I had my first public exhibition. That was at the other end of the world, in Santiago de Chile. Exhibitions in many counrtries and other continents followed. This site shows a selection of this work.  Follow the link on the left to see more.

Photography has been secondary for many years, however, it has been part of my work. On this site it is underrepresented at the time. Follow the link on the left to see more.

Collage is a rather natural form of expression. I enjoy doing them. Follow the link on the left to see more. 

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